Saturday, 26 December 2009

Hi guys hope you had a nice Christmas. Well I did I got a mountain bike for Christmas. What did you get? So I have had roast dinners on Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day. I called my BFF Caity who moved a couple months ago along with her Mum, Dad, Brother and Dog (Billy Bones) I hopefully am having a sleepover with my younger friend Minnie Greaves. She is such allot of fun and she makes up such fun games. We both love to play sing star and our fave song is Kama camilion. Well I am writing this while my dad and my godmothers son (who is 8) are playing blazing angels which is an amazing game on wii. Now for the T.V report OK, Have you guys seen James Mays toy story. He made a life size house out of small Lego bricks. He even had a Lego toilet with a Lego number two inside (he even used it) I have a week left of holidays and in the last week I've seen St Trinnians 2 AND guess what the boat they ride at the end of the movie. My class has slept on it. Plus those cannons do work if you add gun powder. Have you ever herd a song and you want to listen to it a million times over, mine is A GIFT OF A FRIEND by Demi Lavato. So I think I'm done for today so bye till next time Bye