Friday, 5 February 2010

Hey guys
How are you? I'm on my mummy's laptop. I was just watchin the real hustle. Its all about scams and cons. Me and my friends are having a little wittle fight wight now. I just have to post this next bit. Girls Hate Boys. Even though my girls agree that playtime would be so dull without em. You know I told you about Caity and her dog ect ect. Year well my 2nd bf is leaving. Her name is Amber Newlands and her nickname is Amberbamberbingbong. I'm having a Dinner party on the 20th and I am making Chicken satay, Salmon with rice and chocolate truffle cake. Then on the 16th I am having a sleepover with Caity. I got new tunes now. Tick tock by  Kesha. Its so easy to learn you'll be singin in your sleep. If you want the lyrics click on this link Here at Allfarthing we love our JLS. We all think that Aston is the cutest. Okay then so bye for now Please Comment